Thursday, March 18, 2010

Art and teaching art, a pleasing cycle.

Sometimes it amazes me how I can have a topic or idea that I have wanted to try or have been meaning to try, and how I often do not experiment myself until I am talking to a student about how it could be useful for them to try something new. After that discussion I inevitably try the new thing myself to work out the kinks, so they can have a successful experience and through this process I try something new.
Today, I had a student ask me how she could put song lyrics into a painting without collage or handwriting. I recommended image transfer, something I have been meaning to try but just haven't. Needless to say, I spent a good part of my afternoon and now a bit longer, working out how she can transfer lyrics using an acrylic gel transfer process that is quite simple. The bonus is I do not have to go in search of supplies other than what I already have in my classroom. Which means she can try it herself tomorrow, and I tried it today, liked it, and will do it again in my own work. Wow, I love my job.
Here is the trial image. It is a photocopy of a watercolor painting that I then drew on in ink, to show a different student how he might try something new . . . which I transfered onto a sheet of watercolor batik paper from something I showed another student. . .
Did I mention how great my job is?