Thursday, June 20, 2013


Peony from my garden-
Handbook brand journal, PITT Brush pen in cool grey, Daniel Smith watercolors
7.5x16 inches
After looking at this peony, that I cut from my garden specifically to draw, for three days I finally sat down and just made myself do it.  I have been thinking it was too complex and that I could never get it right and that it would take forever.... Basically whining to myself that I am not good enough or that I do not have the time and letting that little voice win.
Well today, after reading Danny Gregory's post about that voice, the one we all have that keeps us from doing whatever it is we truly love to do, I just did rather than talk myself out of it.  And as always it feels good.  Feels good to have a finished page, good to have spent an hour painting, and good to not have listened to that nasty little voice in my head telling me I am no good.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sketching Makes Anything Better

Uncomfortable situation one: Catholic Mass on a Saturday afternoon; had to be there to hear the hubby and his quartet sing.
Uncomfortable situation two: Front row - enough said.
How to deal with this dilemma?  Draw.
Now I create uncomfortable number three:  I usually draw in pen with watercolor for shadows/finish work, a little cumbersome considering #2, so I grab a nub of a water-soluble graphite from the bottom of my bag and proceed to draw the Mary statue above the alter, on the paper they so nicely gave me on my way in.  Small pencil, same paper we all are holding, perfect.
With the strong light and my close angle her face is all deep shadows and I loved that she looked a bit creepy.
Perfect remedy to #1 on the list.