Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let them eat cake and draw too

Last night, the Visual Journaling group run by Roz Stendahl met at MCBA. There were loads of people there, including some new faces. We had Molly Anthony come in to talk to us about her found recipe box project. The project is very interesting and Molly is a fantastic writer, I highly recommend her blog about the project. She talked and brought in baked goods for us to draw. Always exciting to eat cake and it turns out it is equally fun to draw cake. Although the texture of cake does pose a bit of a challenge. I tried to emulate the texture by using watercolor pencils and sandpaper over a wet sheet. The shavings "melt" into the paper but stay textured or granular looking.
Last night's meeting made me realize that I have been a bit off my game in terms of drawing and art lately - basically not doing any of either. I have a goal now to do something everyday for the next month, including work on a shoe inspired piece for an upcoming show. I am excited. Unfortunately, that means my first task is to finish the rearranging/clean-up of my studio that began three weeks ago and is still in complete disarray and chaos. Oh well, it will take a day or two, and will feel great when it is done, and in the mean time I will be back at carrying my sketchbook around to catch anything that seems exciting or interesting down on paper.
Sketch in sharpie pen, watercolor, watercolor pencil, on 9x9 Aquabee spiral bound sketchbook.