Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Migration and Renewal

I have had a bit of a blogging break (you may have noticed).  It has been mainly due to complicating life factors and letting myself get into my own head more than necessary.  Before life got complex, I had decided that I had outgrown Blogger as a platform and moved my URL and unofficially my blog over to WordPress.  I hated WordPress mostly because I was comfy with Blogger and because life was coming unhinged and I used it as an excuse to stop.  I stopped many things. 
I am beginning again now and I am going to give it a go over at WordPress because I am hopeful that the reasons for moving are still there and that starting again will be easier on the new platform (we will see).
I hope you will follow me to my new spot:
Thanks for reading my rantings, hopefully you continue.