Monday, July 11, 2011

Virtual Paintout - Island of Jersey (United Kingdom)

Sketch in pen, watercolor added,
in a Stonehenge journal - 7x14 inches
This month's Virtual Paintout location is the island of Jersey. Now when I first saw the location I admit I was confused as to where Jersey was exactly. So I had to look at a big map and discovered that Jersey is an island off the coast of Northern France that is actually a part of the United Kingdom. I learned something new.

A map of the coast of France,
Jersey is the lower of the two
islands near the coast.

My sketch is of the La Rue des Cateaux, a random stretch of wooded road that I thought looked sort of tranquil yet mysterious at the same time; especially looking to the dark tunnel the tree lined road creates at the edge of the view.
Sketch is in my current journal, Stonehenge 7x7 inches. Originally drawn in pen (brown Pitt) and then watercolor (Grumbacher) added.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Trip to the Farmer's Market

Sketch done at home with veggies purchased at the market.
Stonehenge journal, brown Pitt pen, Grumbacher watercolor.

This morning I went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market to draw and paint as well as pick up some fresh veggies and flowers. I met up with a group of watercolor painters from the Northstar Watercolor Society, they scheduled to be there for a weekly paint-out they have set up for the summer on Wednesday mornings (see the list of locations for the remainder of the summer here). The paint-outs they have set up are for anyone, members and newbies alike.

Sketches done at the market.
Stonehenge journal, brown Pitt pen, Grumbacher watercolor.
I had fun, which is always important. One thing I did notice was that the group from the watercolor society did not travel light. They had large palettes, easels, stools, buckets of water, etc. I have gotten used to traveling light, my small paint set, a niji brush, just my 8x8 sketchbook, all in my purse, and it was really a surprise to see all the gear they brought along for a three hour paint-out. Nothing against their gear, but I kind of like my lighter travel version better. It means I can always have a paint-out, no set-up required.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Trying for Daily

I have been trying to get into a daily sketching habit over my summer break, with the hopes that it will hang on through the entire year. Don't get me wrong I draw fairly regularly but I am trying to get better about using my journal as a daily drawing break. So far I have been doing quite well with getting in at least one drawing a day, sometimes even more. It really helps that I have gotten a purse big enough to hold my sketch book and a small sketch set, so no matter where I go I have my stuff and if I can take a break for even just a ten minute sketch I am grabbing the opportunity.
This sketch is from this morning over coffee, watching my cat Izzy sleep on the chair across the room from me. She sleeps here for about an hour every morning, today I took the time to fully record it in paint on paper. Her gray fluff makes for great contrast from the red chair.

Sketch done in Pitt pen (brown, my current favorite) in a Stonehenge paper journal (which pilled a little on the chair back as I worked), with Daniel Smith and Grumbacher watercolors.