Monday, July 11, 2011

Virtual Paintout - Island of Jersey (United Kingdom)

Sketch in pen, watercolor added,
in a Stonehenge journal - 7x14 inches
This month's Virtual Paintout location is the island of Jersey. Now when I first saw the location I admit I was confused as to where Jersey was exactly. So I had to look at a big map and discovered that Jersey is an island off the coast of Northern France that is actually a part of the United Kingdom. I learned something new.

A map of the coast of France,
Jersey is the lower of the two
islands near the coast.

My sketch is of the La Rue des Cateaux, a random stretch of wooded road that I thought looked sort of tranquil yet mysterious at the same time; especially looking to the dark tunnel the tree lined road creates at the edge of the view.
Sketch is in my current journal, Stonehenge 7x7 inches. Originally drawn in pen (brown Pitt) and then watercolor (Grumbacher) added.


  1. What a beautiful two page spread, Suzanne! I would just be in heaven opening a sketchbook that had pages like this one. Lovely work!

  2. I love this spread. I tend to cover the page like that also and you are probably the first person I've seen who does similar. Jersey is 5 miles by 9 miles (45 sq miles) of lanes a lot like that and it is very easy to get lost at night. Your sketch brings it back to me because that's what they do like like.