Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paintout at Home

Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook - open spread 12x18, 
Faber Castell Pitt pen size F, Grumbacher watercolors 
Sometimes the best place to go on a paintout is in your own yard.  You can have a chair, use the bathroom and take a break if needed, plus you are finding the beauty in what you are surrounded with everyday.
I came home from work yesterday and my first two poppies had bloomed and were just screaming to be painted so I grabbed my big book, my paints, and a chair and spent a couple of hours out in the yard sketching the poppies
Go grab your gear and paintout at home today!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PPB Pen Fun

Ok so a PPB pen is a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.  It is just like a regular pen but at the tip is a small paint brush giving you the artist the feeling of drawing with a paint brush rather than with a pen.  Roz Stendahl started a PPBpen challenge a few Friday's ago (now up to four Friday's worth) and I have a sketchbook I made that I have been using to play around with this very fun pen.
During week one Roz recommended just getting used the the brush and the type of marks it was capable of on the page.  I chose to doodle a bit to get used to the pen and remind myself of the types of marks it made.  The book is an accordion structure made with Rives BFK that when closed is about 6 inches square.  Creating an open page spread that is 6 x12 inches.
 Quick gesture sketches are great with the PPB pen!  I sat drinking coffee and sketching my cat Izzy as she discovered and watched birds in our back yard from the window.
Playing with some lettering styles here along with sketching my breakfast sandwich.  Lettering and words in general seems to be when the PPB pen gives me the most trouble.

This one is my favorite so far and several drawings into my exploration of the PPB pen.  I just grabbed the bananas off the counter and drew.  I really was also playing around with using it as a shading tool and not getting the strong black mark but toying until I got the pressure right to get a blotchy mark that reads as grey.
Another quick one of my cat Zoe, she often lays belly up in the sun on the living room floor in the afternoon.  It's the perfect time to grab a sketch as she is still.  You can also see the corner of another sketch of the random objects on the coffee table, so that is a nail clipper.
I am having fun playing around with this pen again as it is not one I had been carrying with me recently.  It has been hard to avoid adding color but on the other hand the pages all have a certain simplicity to them.  Just the black line used to describe enough of the object and nothing extra to get in the way.