Saturday, May 8, 2010

Visual Journaling Sketch-Out

Today I went to the Washington County Fairgrounds for the Harvest Shepherd's Festival. I went as a part of the visual journal group I have been going to with Roz Stendahl. Only two other members were there as far as I know, but I had a good time anyway and am glad I went.
It was a cold, semi-rainy day, so not ideal weather for sketching at an outdoor event.
The barns were not so bad though, and I got a few sketches of goats, sheep, and llamas today. I do not usually draw animals from life, they tend to move too much and it becomes challenging, so today was an experience. I learned out about waiting for an animal to turn back around and about doing quick gesture drawings to capture the idea rather than all the details. I also do not usually draw in public so it was distracting at first to get in the groove an ignore the milling people.
That being said I think I did ok and I am excited to go out and sketch again. I also got a couple of photos and I am hoping to do a small painting or more complete drawing from them in the future.


  1. I think these are fabulous sketches, Suzanne. Funny how all you artists and your sketches are better art pieces than something I've poured beaucoup hours into!

  2. Sometimes the best route to a good sketch is to not think.
    I always sketch in pen - everything is usable, no mistakes allowed, only changes in plan.
    Remember, I am only posting the good ones (I have four pages of partially done strange ones too!). Keep at it!