Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zine Swap

On Monday, March 21, 2011 the MCBA Visual Journal Collective met to exchange journal zines. Participants had signed up last fall and had until March to complete the assigned task of creating a zine. Zines could be created a couple of different ways, all using the same size format so everyone who completed the swap could create a small case to hold their new zine collection on Monday night when we met. My cased zine collection is pictured above. I made the case with a 140 pound watercolor paper that was painted with Golden liquid acrylics.

Options for zine content and creation were:
1) Use a folded sheet of paper and draw/sketch/journal directly on the correctly sized template sheet (regular copy paper size, quarter folded), then make enough doubled sided copies from your original to make zines for the swap.
2) Scan or photograph journal/sketchbook pages, then use a desktop publishing program (Photoshop, Publisher, any program that will allow you to import, move into place, flip, and re-size images); print masters on your home printer ensuring correct sizing (no cut-off edges or folded images) and make enough double sided copies from your masters to make enough zines to swap.
3) Collage photocopies of journal/sketchbook pages onto the front of two regular sized sheets of copy paper. Have double sided copies made from these collages - this method would yield the most abstracted zine, with partial images visible.

The image below shows how to orient your two master sheets so that when you create your double sided copies and fold your sheets, everything is right side up and where it belongs. The sheet also includes instructions on completing your zine publication by cutting and a simple pamphlet stitch.

My cased zine collection, flap opened, zine spines showing.

My new zine collection spread out on the table. I have to say I am thrilled with it. The content is so varied and everyone's approach was so different, it is exciting to look at them again and again. Just ask my family and friends, I have been showing my zine collection to anyone who stands still long enough for me to wave the little box in their face and rave about all the zines (and the little box which I am admittedly in love with).

I would be delighted to start a new zine collection with blog followers as well. I have extra copies of my zine, "repose", that I would be happy to trade. Simply follow the instructions on the image in the post using sketchbook or journal images and create your own zine. When you have made your zine email me ( and we can exchange addresses and trade through the mail.

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  1. I'd really like to do this, Suzanne. I am going to have to go back to the link in your last post and figure this out. It looks like so much fun. I wonder if I have enough images???....