Friday, April 8, 2011

Sketch night at the Bell Museum - Ducks

Last Thursday night was the monthly sketch night at the Bell Museum in Minneapolis. This month's theme was ducks in honor of the upcoming contest for duck stamp artists. There were about twenty people there sketching and chatting at various locations in the touch and see room.
The wood duck above was my second sketch of the night. I am working in a 7x7 Stonehenge wired sketchbook. I sketched first in sharpie pen and then worked in watercolor to try and capture the great color and iridescence on this duck's face.

The duck above was my first sketch using sharpie pen and watercolor, not sure what type of duck this was (no label), she had very speckled feathers with darker colors and fine stripes on each feather but I wasn't going to spend the time needed to replicate that kind of detail.
Next months theme is mammals.


  1. Oh boy! These are just beautiful sketches, Suzanne! Well done!

  2. Lovely. I believe I saw you working on the wood duck just as I was leaving Bell.