Friday, May 20, 2011

Stressful Spring

It has been a busy and stressful spring for me. I have been laid off as a teacher (again) and looking for a job is time consuming and emotionally draining.
Unfortunately, I am letting it get the better of me and I have spent little time making time for art in my life right now. I am however always making examples in my classroom and this particular example is becoming my most recent project.
The image is of the print block itself and of the first two artist proofs off the block. Currently debating whether or not it needs any adjustments that it's not too late to make, of course I see plenty of spots that I wish were still not carved out!

I have a couple of mail art projects I am involved in right now as well. I am needing to finish up one (a postcard bookswap) and begin the other (moly_x81), both tasks are on the schedule for this weekend. So, stay tuned, more art to follow shortly.


  1. So sorry to hear of this lay off, Suzanne. I know it is stressful and wish I could think of something. My younger daughter just lost her job and as a single mom of two daughters herself, I can't tell you how worried and stressed out over that situation that I am myself. I hope that you can at least go on the sub lists in the area if all else fails. I know when I subbed (here you need a Bachelor's degree to sub), I pretty much was able to stay busy in the local county, even though my license was good for three counties. I was considering going back on the sub list if I hadn't landed my job.

  2. aw I'm sorry you got laid off again.
    glad to see you are still persevering.