Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio Remodel

On Thursday of last week I began cleaning and putting my studio back together after borrowing the portable table I use as my studio work table for a garage sale. Rather than put the removable table back into my studio and potentailly have to repeat the putting it all together again process (as I have done before - a removable table is too useful), I began to look for an inexpensive and easy way to create new permanent tables for my studio space.
I decided that flush doors and some cheap assemble-it-yourself bookcases might just be the ticket. I measured for height and length, priced out book cases, and went shopping for doors on Friday. I scored doors for super cheap ($2) and the bookcases were on sale, let the remodel begin.
Studio before picture.

On Sunday my hubby helped out and we decided that two tables, one desk height (built with 2x4s), and the other counter height (on the bookcases), along with a new eight foot natural daylight flurescent fixture (previously had a bare 100 watt bulb) rounded out the room nicely.

Studio after picture.
So, after one day shopping (total remodel under $100), one day emptying, one day building, and one day reorganizing and putting things away, I have a new studio space to work in.


  1. Oh I do love reorganizing! I like the after better than the before! Happy painting!

  2. Hello Suzanne, I've arrived here through seeing your sketch on Artist's Journal Workshop. I'm thoroughly enjoying the sketchbook pages that you've posted here. Love the birds, the llama, the owl relief print. It's also great that you took the time to do such a detailed review of the paper of your current sketchbook. I see that you must live near Roz (whom I follow eagerly). Perhaps it's her influence in how meticulously you do your research? Or maybe vice versa. What fun!
    Tchao-wow from Portugal