Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Binding Adventures

I made this simple journal (about 7x7) by using up some recycling I had laying around in my studio and a few sheets of Rives light in cream that I wanted to try out for journaling.  For the recycled bits I used some cardboard packing material from some books that I ordered and the brown kraft paper that was around my paper purchase from a local art supply store.  The brown paper was then marbled to give it a decorative feel.  It is bound together using a basic pamphlet stitch with three signatures that were stitched through the spine, leaving the stitches exposed on the outside.
All in all it was been a nice little journal that cost me nearly nothing to make, as the only thing I really purchased was the paper inside.  It also let me try a new paper in a fun way, as I got to experiment on it in my journal as I worked my way through the book.  I liked the paper but will continue to look for one I like better before I bind up a bunch of journals.  Or really what I am more likely to do is bind several more small books with all of the varied paper I have on hand in my studio and decide from there if there is even such a thing as a completely perfect paper.

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