Thursday, July 18, 2013

Virtual Paintout July 2013 - 84 Smith Street

84 Smith Street
Faber-Castell PITT pen in black size S, Daniel Smith watercolor,
Hand•book handmade watercolor journal, full spread 8x16 inches
This month's Virtual Paintout location is Charleston, SC.  I found this view of Charleston the very first drop of the orange peg man in Streetview and fell in love with it because of the large imposing tree.  I always find sunny scenes to be difficult to paint as it feels wrong as you are painting to add in the extremely dark darks you need to make the view look truly sunny.  This view was very sunny but nearly all of the image is encompassed by the shadow of the tree.  I do not feel like I was extremely successful in getting it to look very sunny or very shady but I had fussed around enough with this page and decided to call it finished whether it was right or not.  At least after finishing I can recognize that in order for the scene to look more brightly sunny I need to increase my dark range and push the shadows deeper and darker.  Hopefully, that helps me learn and next time I paint a sunny scene I have the courage to get those darks on the paper and do not chicken out because it feels wrong.

The Virtual Paintout is an online virtual sketch-out where a new location is posted each month and artists use Google Streetview to locate a scene or view that they would like to paint or draw in that location.  Work is then emailed in and posted on blog and a Facebook page run by Bill Guffy.

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