Friday, July 16, 2010

Drawing Army Guys

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Thanks ~ Suzanne

So, for the last week or two my husband has had me working on cleaning up an old t-shirt image that was a line drawing so he could use it to have new t-shirts made for a reunion. Needless to say the image is of a military soldier, not my favorite subject, and that the task has been wildly frustrating.
First frustration has been my client's displeasure with the images - I had an old, badly warped image someone sent in an email, that was not my drawing but someone else's. It was hard to work from someone else's art and even harder because the image was stretched. My second attempt was to draw from another person's drawing off the back of a much loved old t-shirt of my husband's. No luck, I am not that familiar with military grab and I could not make out most of the image.
So as a last ditch effort to give my husband's group fresh reunion tees, I found several images online that I thought might work and drew my own drawing's from the photos. The results are much better, or at least I am happier with them. Now I have drawn a total of four army guys, completed two entire t-shirt designs (one with my image and one with the original borrowed warped image), and I find out he is going to let the group decide. Ugh - fussy clients are a pain! Especially when you live with them.
In the end I have spent a lot of the last two days drawing, even if the topic was not my first choice, and it is always good to stretch yourself. Now I am off to draw a tree or something.

Drawing in black uniball pen on smooth drawing paper.

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  1. Well, Suzanne...may not have been a fun couple of days for you, but I think this image is wonderful! As to the clients, ve haf vayz to make zem mind...!