Monday, July 12, 2010

First Tomato

The tomato plants in a pot that I have on my front patio this summer are about to produce the first of this summer's fruit. I am so excited; it will be the first year in many that we have had our own plants.
I am trying to make an effort to draw/paint/art everyday this summer, with mixed results. I was supposed to begin my book illustrations today, but I was feeling a little "off", so instead I journaled my tomato excitement. This is my page from today. I sat out front on my step and drew the first, ripe tomato on the plant. Being I was at home and had the luxury of time, I first sketched in sharpie pen and then came in and grabbed my paints and brush and did some watercolor over the pen drawing. I spent about an hour total on this page.

Aquabee journal 9x9, sharpie, watercolor (Van Gogh travel pans)

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  1. I think this is wonderful. Beautiful blends of the watercolors!