Sunday, January 23, 2011

Portrait Party (from January) and a ranting confession (from today)

Monday night, January 21, 2011, the MCBA Visual Journal Collective with Roz Stendahl had its annual portrait party (you can see Roz's recap here).

My portrait partner was Briana; check out her blog through the link she has some great photos of the event including each of us with our portraits.

WOW - that was the beginning of my blog post from a month ago! A month, I cannot believe it. The really unfortunate thing is for that month, I have not created one single piece of art work. And I feel awful because of it.

I have let certain situations that I really have no control over, overwhelm me and drag me under the ocean of stress and worry and rather than work through it by re-centering myself in my sketchbook or a painting, I have shut myself down.
On the upside I recognize that I have been wallowing and I am finished with it.
I have also decided to start a series of posts that are tutorials or small "how-to" lessons, starting today (when I finish writing) with a lesson on using packing tape to create an image transfer.
So check out the links to the Portrait Party, it really was fabulous. And check back later this afternoon and there will be a fun new art technique for you to follow along with and try.

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