Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adventures in Screen Printing

I have donated my time and art work to complete a month in the upcoming calendar fundraiser for MCBA.  For the last two weekends I have been printing little February pages using my Yudu screen printer, not without some trails and tribulations of course.  The system works really well, once you have the 220 mesh screen (it comes with 100 mesh, not made for detailed images), if you use Speedball ink (I also tried the Golden silkscreen medium and I avoided the Yudu ink as it has gotten some rotten reviews online and I was working on paper), and when you buy a new squeegee (the one it comes with is hard plastic with no rubber edge).  I also discovered today that I prefer to use the screen taped on my table rather than in the awkward, stiff hinged top of the system itself.  
I think I may finally have one hundred clean prints and can move on to the next project, both with the screen printer because now I have the hang of it, and in my studio as currently every flat surface is covered with drying pages and it will be a relief to stack everything up and drop the pages off to become a part of the 2012 MCBA calendar. 

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