Monday, April 5, 2010

Virtual Paintout - Canary Islands

I have finally finished another Virtual Paintout image after only beginning images the last two months. This month's location is the Canary Islands. I have picked out several more map views and hope to do another later this week.


  1. Very nice for the Paintout. I've just joined 2 months ago also, and this time still looking around.These challenges are good as they force you to take on things that you wouldn't ordinarily do.

  2. I love the simplicity of this piece, Suzanne, and the colors are just gorgeous!

  3. Suzanne, this is beautiful. I love the soft wash of colors and the simplicity of the subject. This really makes me look around with a different "eye" now and not choose such complex subjects, which I tend to do! Great job. I just joined the Paintout this month. Look forward to seeing more of your artwork, hopefully, in the future! - Karen Naber